КРИВОРУЧКО Володимир Миколайович

Заступник директора з наукової роботи, доктор фізико-математичних наук, професор

(044) 524-04-80

National Academy of Science of Ukraine
Donetsk Physics & Technology Institute (DonPhTI)
46 Nauki ave.
Kyev, 03680 UKRAINE
E-mail: krivoruc@gmail.com

Phone: +380 (044) 524-04-80 Fax: +380 (044) 524-04-80

1975 – Donetsk State University, Department of Physics, M.Sc. degree (Honour) in Physics
1979 – Candidate Sc. degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
1990 – Doctor Sc. degree in Solid State Physics
2002 – Professor of Solid State Physics

Research areas: Theory of Magnetism and Superconductivity

Employment: Donetsk Physics & Technology Institute NASU
Current position: Deputy Director on science DonPhTI, Professor of Solid State Physics

Teaching Experience: 1989 – 1992 Assistant Professor, Donetsk State University, Department of Physics
1992 – 1993 Associate Professor, Donetsk State University, Department of Physics
since 1993 Professor, Donetsk National University, Department of Physics
Supervisor of four Post-Graduate Thesis.
Special Awards: 1991 State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology for the series of works (performed with co-authors) concerning the discovery and investigation of new types of magnetic resonances, magneto-elastic anomalies, and magnetic structures in low-dimensional antiferromagnetic crystals.

Publications: Over 150 publications in refereed journals.

V.G.Bar’yakhtar, V.N.Krivoruchko, D.A.Yablonskii “Green’s Functions in the Theory of Magnetism”, Naukova Dumka, Kiev (1994) 336p. (in Russian)

V.G. Bar’yakhtar, B.A. Ivanov, V.N. Krivoruchko, A.G. Danilevich, “Modern problems of magnetization dynamics: from the basis to the ultrafast relaxation”, Kiev, Himgest, (2013) 316 p. (in Russian).

Projects Coordinator:
Spin-polarized transport and proximity effects in nanocontacts «superconductor-ferromagnet»

Current Projects Coordinator:
“Electronic and magnetic properties of strongly correlated nanostructured systems” (2014 – 2018) {NAS of Ukraine}.

Most Cited Papers

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Representative Publications

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