About the Institute

Nowadays the Institute comprises: 4 scientific departments, 2 auxiliary subdivision. The Institute carries out fundamental and applied investigations in the following lines of investigation:

  • properties of materials in extreme conditions;
  • development and creation of new, including nanostructured, structural and functional materials.

In recent years, the Institute has also been actively developing research on structural engineering of archimats (architectured materials) and metamaterials.



The State prizes of Ukraine in the field of science and engineering

1971 “Discovery, Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Intermediate State of Antiferromagnetics” – V.G.Bar’yakhtar, A.A.Galkin, S.N.Kovner, E.P.Stefanovsky.
1980 “Investigation of Quasi-Particles in Metals by X-ray, Micro-contact, Tunnel, Ultra-sound and Magnetic Spectroscopy” – L.T.Tsymbal, V.M.Svistunov, T.F.Butenko.
1982 “Development and Investigation of Superconductors with High Operational Parameters” – A.A.Galkin, V.P.Buryack, N.I.Matrosov.
1991 “Establishment and Investigation of New types of Resonances, Structures and Magneto-elastic Anomalies in Low-dimensional antiferromagmetics” – V.N.Krivoruchko, D.A.Yablonsky.
1995 “Scientific Bases, Development of Technology and Industrial Use of the Methane from Coal and Gas Deposits” – A.D. Alexeev.
1995 “Physical Mechanisms of Degradation and the Ways of Increasing Reliability of Optoelectronic Devices” – V.A.Telezhkin.
2004 “New Optical and Magnet-optical Phenomena in Antiferromagnetics” – I.L.Lyubchansky, Yu.G.Pashkevich
2015 “Modern technologies of synthesis of nanopowders for materials and products a constructional, functional and biomedical applications” – T.E.Konstantinova, I.A.Danilenko

The K.D.Sinelnikov Prizes

1975 “Inducing a New State of a Substance by String Magnetic Field” – A.A.Galkin, E.A.Zavadsky.
1978 “High-Frequency Relaxation Processes in Magnetics” – V.G.Bar’yakhtar.
1997 “Magnetoacoustics 0f Orientation Phase Transitions in Antiferromagnetics” – N.K.Dan’shin, L.T.Tsymbal.

Academician A.A. Skochinsky prize of the USSR Academy of Sciences,
the USSR Ministry of Coal Industry

1991 “A Complex of Geo-mechanical and Physical Investigations of the Outburst-Dangerous Coal Seams at Large Depths and its Application” – A.D.Alexeev.

Prizes of the USSR Council of Ministers

1985 “Development and Application of the Hydro-Extrusion Processes” – V.Z.Spuskanyuck, V.S.Koviko.

The B.I.Verkin Prize

2001 “The Vortex Structure Dynamics and Properties of Hard Superconductors” – V.V.Chabanenko.
2019 р. “Передбачення та експериментальне виявлення особливостей кооперативних явищ у новітніх твердотільних системах – топологічних ізоляторах та екзотичних надпровідниках” Пашкевич Ю.Г.

The G.V.Kurdyumov Prize

2002 “Physical Bases of High-Carbon Steels” – V.N.Varyukhin.

Премія ім. І.М. Францевича

2012 р. “Нові методи модифікування конструкційних, зокрема порошкових матеріалів із застосуванням високих тисків та інтенсивних зсувних деформацій” Бейгельзімер Я.Ю., Варюхін В.М.

Премія ім. Л.В. Шубнікова

2013 р.”Новітні багатофункціональні магнітні матеріали: від макросистем до наноструктур; властивості та застосування” Левченко Г.Г.

The Prize of Young Scientists of UkraineHonorary Titles:

1992 “Quasi-two-dimensional Magnetic Vortexes and Transport Properties of Lamellar Superconductors” Yu.A.Genenko
2006 “Physical kinetics and amorphization processes in solid solutions of metals” S.G. Rassolov
2011 “New methods for obtaining the bulk nanostructured materials based on severe plastic deformation, and development of methods of their attestation” Yu.V.Voznyak, O.V.Prokof’eva, A.V.Ovsjannikov

Почесні звання:

1978 «Honored Worker of Science and Engineering of Ukraine» A.A.Galkin
1997 «Honored Worker of Science and Engineering of Ukraine» L.T.Tsymbal
2007 «Honored Worker of Science and Engineering of Ukraine» V.N.Varyukhin
2010 «Honored Invertor of Ukraine» V.O.Biloshenko

S C I E N T I F I C     S C H O O L S

In the lifetime of the Institute there have been formed five scientific schools.

The School of High-Pressure Physics and Solid-State Spectroscopy.

The founder – academician of the NAS of Ukraine Alexandr A.Galkin. The basic results recognized in the world:
Discovery of the intermediate state in antiferromagnetics; Discovery of the doplerone-phonon and diamagnetic resonances in metals; Development and study of superconductors with high critical parameters; The tunnel and EPX-ray spectroscopy at high pressures and low temperatures; Development of activities in the field of hydro-extrusion, particularly, development of manufacturing methods of a superconducting multicore (dozens millions of cores) cable; Discovery of coal properties to form metastable monophase states together with gases like solid solutions.

The School of the Theory of Magnetism.

The founder of the School – academician of the NAS of Ukraine Victor G.Bar’yakhtar. The basic results recognized in the world:
Development of the theory of the intermediate state in antiferromagnets; theory of dynamic magnetoacoustic interactions in magnetics; development of the microscopic and phenomenological theory of relaxation in magnetics; development of the theory of the magnetic domain structure at the first order phase transitions; development of the theory of static and dynamic properties of the magnetic bubble domains lattices; development of the theory of spin waves; investigation of the magnetic properties of high-temperature superconductors.

The School of Mesoscopic Phenomena in Solid States.

The founder of the School – academician of the NAS of Ukraine Vladimir I.Arkharov. The basic results recognized in the world:
Introduction and development of the ideas about collective elementary acts and a relay-race activation transfer in the process of diffusion and recrystallization in a solid; Discovery of the phenomenon of an intercrystallite internal adsorption of the dissolved components and impurities, and establishment of this phenomenon role in forming mechanical and physical properties of materials; Creation and development of the concept of a mesoscopic consideration of the phenomena in a solid with introduction of the specific structural scales which change the elementary acts of the phenomena under consideration into the collective ones.

The School of the Theory of the Lattice Dynamics and Defects, and Biophysics

The founder of the School – Associate Member of the NAS of Ukraine Kirill B.Tolpygo. The basic results recognized in the world:
Development of the theory of the phonon spectra of crystals; Investigation of the System of the Magnetic Field and Lattice Connected Oscillations. Introduction of the Notion of Lightexciton (in the up-to-date terminology – polariton). Development of the Theory of Excitons and the Theory of Superconductor Kinetic Properties; the Theory of Defects in Crystals; Theoretical Investigations of the Role of Hydrogen Bonds in Functioning of Biopolymers.

The School of Physics of Phase Transitions under Extreme Conditions.

The founder of the School – Associate Member of the NAS of Ukraine Edwald A.Zavadsky. The basic results recognized in the world:
Investigation of the Influences of High Pressures, Strong Magnetic and Electric Fields, Low Temperatures on Phase States in Different Materials. Discovery of the Phenomenon of Magnetic Field Inducing of Phases Concealed in the Field of Negative Pressures. Discovery of Meta-stable Hetero-phase States in Magneto-electrics. Investigation of the Peculiarities of the Magnetic Ordering and Phase Transitions in Magnetics with Some Order Parameters. Investigation of Phase Transitions in the Crystals with a Position Disorder.


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